XG®BLAST glass beads are used for sand blasting. The beads have the features of chemical stability, high mechanical intensity and hardness. They can be blasted onto the object surface with compressed air and can be used on compress glass, rubber, plastic, moulds with metal casting or compressing. The jetting balls would help reduce elasticity of the surface materials and increase wearing capacity.

XG®BLAST Glass Beads advantage:
•Environmentally friendly than acid & chemical treatments.
•Lower disposal & maintenance costs.
•Soda Lime glass does not release toxins. 
•Will not penetrate, contaminate, or leave residue.
•Cleans thoroughly without causing dimensional change to the base material.
•Leave even, spherical impressions on blasted part surface.
•Suitable for pressure, suction, wet and dry blasting equipment.
•Available in a full range of sizes.
•Low breakdown rate.